Pulkovo St. Petersburg Airport is ready to resume international flights

According to the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, international air services from St. Petersburg will be resumed, starting August 1, 2020. Pulkovo Airport is fully ready to serve flights to foreign destinations. Previously, on July 10, 2020, Northern Capital Gateway (NCG), the operator of St. Petersburg airport, notified the Federal Air Transport Agency. NCG will provide information on the resumption of the carriers’ international flight programs as soon as the information is received.

Pulkovo Airport deploys a set of measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. An emergency response center operates at St. Petersburg airport for joint work with airlines, state control bodies, local authorities. The terminal has special markings at check-in counters, security checkpoints, seating areas to ensure the safe distance. The cleaning and disinfection are intensified in all airport premises including elevators, check-in counters, information desks, steps and passenger buses. The air in the terminal is purified with disinfecting units installed in the areas designated for passengers. Hand sanitizers are available in the terminal, the dispensers are replenished regularly. The airport staff is equipped with protective masks, gloves, antiseptic wipes and gels. Vending machines with protective equipment for passengers and visitors are installed at the entrance to the terminal, in the check-in hall, domestic departures hall and baggage claim area. Masks and gloves are also available in the airport pharmacies and shops. Airport’s first-aid station located operates 24/7.

For detailed information on flight status please visit Pulkovo Airport website.