Pulkovo Airport expands domestic security check area

Pulkovo International Airport completed the reconstruction of passenger document check points at the entrance to domestic pre-flight security inspection area. The number of points increased from 6 to 10, each counter is equipped with an automatic turnstile. During the day, the number of points open at the same time varies depending on passenger traffic.

Passenger document verification before entering the security check is a mandatory requirement of the Russian legislation. Pulkovo Airport has 17 pre-flight security inspection points in the domestic area, including those equipped with metal detectors and full-body scanners. In addition to the main pre-flight check line, there is a Fast Track point with a separate entrance to the domestic flights waiting area. The way from the designated Fast Track point to the gates takes about 7 minutes.

In the summer of 2018, Pulkovo Airport expanded the terminal entrance security line. The total number of check points increased from 14 to 18, including a separate section for passengers with hand luggage.