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Walk Through Duty Free
Liquors, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Sweets: Perfumes and cosmetics, liquors, confectionary, tobacco
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Women Leather Accessories: Women leather accessories

This is a store of women’s leather accessories, which presents a variety of brands. The concept of the store was prompted by the skillful execution of leather goods, a workshop, the inherent, timeless value of leather accessories. Atelier emphasizes a sense of luxury, quality products and services. Here you can choose the best option from a wide range of fashion handbags, wallets, belts and other accessories.

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Gifts, Jewelry and Watches: jewelry

Aurora is a gold and silver jewelry store with precious and semiprecious stones, author’s interior items and handmade masterpieces.

The presented products are selected individually, with care, worthy of the best personal collection.

A unique assortment from inexpensive silverware to luxury jewelry will give you the opportunity to buy a gift for yourself, make a surprise to your loved one or take away with you a pleasant memory of St. Petersburg.

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Books and News
Press, books, magazines

In the “Books and News” store you can find newspapers, magazines, books in Russian, and the store also offers a small assortment of sweets, chips, alcohol, cigarettes and soft drinks.

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Clothing and accessories: Designer clothes and accessories store

The Russian brand of designer clothes and accessories BULLFINCH is a modern company for the production and sale of copyright products, under the guidance of professionals: illustrators, artists, designers, constructors and tailors. The Russian brand BULLFINCH is a quality clothing, souvenirs and accessories. The company’s line includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, hoodies and jeans with designer prints. Each drawing is developed by professional illustrators, artists, designers, and the total number of prints at the moment exceeds 3,000. The printing workshop cooperates with the best Russian sewing factories. The brand successfully works with wholesale companies and is a major supplier of textile and souvenir products, while developing its own network of retail stores throughout the country.

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Mono Brand Boutiques: Bags, accessories, silk and cashmere scarves

British brand of exclusive fashionable clothes and accessories. The famous checkered pattern was invented in 1920 and has since remained a signature feature of Burberry products. The product line includes Burberry London and Burberry Brit lines, with the main emphasis on large and small leather goods for men and women, silk and cashmere scarves.

Candy Shop
Sweets: Unusual and tasty sweets, churchkhela, chak-chak — from the best suppliers from all over the country.
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In the Dary Kaspiya store, any gourmet will find a fish to his taste. There is a wide assortment of sturgeon, small and salmon breeds: sturgeon, roach, muksun, omul, nelma, vendace, and many others. The most sophisticated gourmets can pamper themselves with black, red, and pike caviar. On the shelves, there are always fresh, natural, and high-quality goods.

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Duty & Shops
Bags and Suitcases, Goods for Children, Goods for Travel, Jewelry and Watches, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Sunglasses, Sweets: Welcome to the Duty & Shops store of RegStaer Group of Companies on internal departure. Store is offering a wide range of goods from leading brands: bags, suitcases, sunglasses, watches, accessories, toys, drinks, sweets, chocolate and travel products.
The RegStaer Group of Companies was founded in 1998 year and since that time is one of the leading operators in Travel Retail. Nowadays RegStaer is a company on a rise with reasonable business strategy, professional management and stylish stores design.
Duty Free Express Store
Liquors, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Sweets: Perfumes and cosmetics, liquors, confectionary, tobacco
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Fan Shop
Gifts: men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, souvenirs, goods with symbols and sporting goods

Sports attributes store of FC Zenit and HC SKA

Gelati Italiani
: Ice cream, cheese, black, bubble gum, caramel, chocolate, pistachio, raffael, watermelon sorbet, mango sorbet, raspberry sorbet, maple syrup, melon and many other flavors and varieties, milkshake
Good news
Press, books, souvenirs, stationery, beverages and snacks
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Goods for Travel: Travel goods: handbags, suitcases, clothing, cosmetics, beverages and snacks

“Hudson” is a travel store. The assortment of the store includes bags, suitcases, clothes, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, etc.

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Imperial Porcelain
Gifts: Souvenirs, interior goods

Imperial Porcelain is one of the most well-known manufacturers of high-quality porcelain products of artistic value. Imperial porcelain manufacture works are included in the treasury of world porcelain and represented in the collections of the best museums over the world including the Hermitage. Today, Imperial porcelain manufacture has a range of about 4 000 products (from everyday sets and souvenirs to ceremonial sets and vases, genre sculptures, decorative layers for interior design).

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Marc & André
Clothing and accessories: lingerie, swimwear, homewear

Marc & André is a european brand of lingerie, swimwear and homewear created for the most sophisticated clientele.

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Master of Time
Jewelry and Watches: Watches

The newest unique format of a multi-brand watch and jewelry store, in which the best international brands are represented. The assortment covers time-dependent iconic models, the goods that are most in demand, as well as the latest innovations of each brand.

Miledi aero
Flowers, souvenirs, decorative items, vases, ornamental flowerpots
Museum Store
Gifts: Souvenirs, books, replicas, interior goods, clothes and accessories
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OLYMP Travel Retail
Perfumes & Cosmetics, Sunglasses: Boutique of perfumery, optics and decorative cosmetics

Olymp Travel Retail boxes are 200 types of products from 50 manufacturers. The network has positions for every taste. Including perfumes and glasses that cannot be found in other airport corners. We focus not on luxury and mass market, but on niche and high-quality products. Passengers can buy limited edition exclusive fragrances with a high concentration of perfume oil. As well as glasses from Trussardi, Prada, Tiffany, Tom Ford and Chopard. The assortment matrix is not duplicated with other offers on the market and creates a significant competitive advantage.

Gifts: Sports souvenirs store HC SKA: menswear, ladieswear and children’s wear, souvenirs, branded goods, sports goods and nutrition.
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Salvatore Ferragamo
For Gentlemen, Mono Brand Boutiques: Leather goods and silk accessories

The Italian brand of exclusive fashionable clothing and accessories. The collections of this brand are distinguished by sophistication, beauty and comfort. Today, the Salvatore Ferragamo brand includes silk accessories, clothes, sunglasses, perfumes and watches. At our airport, Salvatore Ferragamo will present its main assortment of leather and silk accessories.

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Chocolate, classic french pralines and homemade cookies as a gift for loved ones

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Electronics and Accessories Store

An electronics store for home and for every day, audio and video equipment, gadgets and accessories, as well as goods using high technology and cutting edge trends.

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Souvenirs & Jewelry
Gifts, Jewelry and Watches
Souvenirs, jewelry, porcelain, aircraft models, ornamentals
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Spirit of Saint Petersburg
, Gifts: Souvenirs

The Spirit of Saint Petersburg store presents souvenirs, as well as a small assortment of Russian alcohol.

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Grocery, snacks, souvenirs

Impulse shopping stores StopExpress is a modern retail chain of the convenience store format, where impulse demand products are presented: beverages and products, press and printed matter, fast food and related products.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses
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Goods for Children: Toy store

The assortment of Toys To Go includes more than a thousand items. They are formed in the course of a careful selection of products from major international exhibitions. Toys for children from 0 months. From Lego blocks to bicycles and toy luggage. The catalog is constantly expanding and updated with new products. Children’s products are also exclusively on sale at the airport.

Travel Star
Bags and Suitcases, Goods for Travel: Bags and suitcases
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Meet Alice, check how Yandex.Station works and immediately take it home. Smart speaker with Alice will help you control your home and mobile devices with your voice. Just say what you need — Alice will do: turn on the coffee maker, find a comedy, put on the favorite song, or keep the conversation going.

For Gentlemen, Mono Brand Boutiques: Clothing, shoes and accessories
Gifts: Sports souvenirs store FC Zenit: menswear, ladieswear and children’s wear, souvenirs, branded goods, sports goods and nutrition
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Zielinski & Rozen
Perfumes & Cosmetics: Perfume, body and face creams, shower gel, shampoo, body oil, candles, home diffusers.

Zielinski & Rozen is an artisan perfume house founded in 1905. The brand is headed by perfume alchemist and ideologist Erez Rosen. The multicomponent and dynamic fragrances of Zielinski & Rozen are absolutely different from each other, they evoke emotional affection, give rise to their own associations, they want to be recognized anew every time, playing with images and styles, choosing the mood of the day.