Pulkovo St. Petersburg Airport Hosts the Theatre Olympics

The installation “Theatre Olympics at Pulkovo” opened in the domestic departures area of St. Petersburg airport. The project was prepared jointly by the operator of Pulkovo Airport Northern Capital Gateway, the Alexandrinsky Theatre and the Directorate of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. The exhibition will last until 30 November 2019.

The installation coincides with the Year of the Theatre in Russia and acquaints Pulkovo Airport passengers with the Theatre Olympics international festival programme. The central object of the exhibition is the symbolic decoration of the gilded velvet tiers of the historical Alexandrinsky Theatre stage, the main site of the Olympics. The exposition presents the costumes from the theatre’s collection: the White Queen’s dress from the play The Taming of the Shrew, the costume of the Double from the play P.S. of Kapellmeister Johannes Chrysler, His Author and Their Beloved Julia and the famous “iron” costume of the Theatre Spirit. The installation is complemented by a 3D model of the Alexandrinsky Theatre on a 19th century map of St. Petersburg and a video with fragments of performances from the festival poster.

The concept of the exhibition “Theatre Olympics in Pulkovo” was developed by the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music.

Theatre Olympics is a large-scale international festival, which serves as a platform for the development of a dialog between theatrical personalities from different countries. Theatre Olympics is the key event in the Year of the Theatre in Russia and will last until December 2019. St. Petersburg is the main venue for the festival, and the Alexandrinsky Theatre is the country’s main national stage.

About the Alexandrinsky Theatre

The Russian State Pushkin Academy Drama Theatre (Alexandrinsky Theatre) began its history from the first Russian state professional drama troupe, founded by decree of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna on August 30, 1756. Since 2003, the artistic director of the theatre has been the People’s Artist of Russia, Russian State Prizes laureate, world-famous Russian director Valery Fokin. In 2014, the Alexandrinsky Theatre was awarded the status of National Treasure. In 2016, the theatre was included in the Government List of the Most Valuable Objects of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of the Russian Federation.

About the Directorate of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum

The Directorate of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum is the operator of the events at the Theatre Olympics 2019 in Russia. In 2019, the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will be held from 14 through 16 November, and one of its main events will be the gala closing of the Theatre Olympics.