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Passengers who value their time and appreciate comfort above all things can take advantage of the services provided by VIP-service Pulkovo.

The VIP lounge is located in the refurbished Pulkovo 1 building, which is part of the new centralized passenger terminal.The lounge has a separate entrance that accommodates individual vehicles. Specially trained personnel will ensure a comfortable stay for the guests from the moment of their arrival at the terminal to their boarding the aircraft.

Welcome to the VIP lounge

All pre-flight procedures for domestic flight passengers are carried out within the VIP lounge and take under 10 minutes. A comfortable lounge area accommodates VIP passengers waiting for departure. For the convenience of guests, the lounge has three meeting rooms and three separate VIP rooms capable of accommodating up to 10 people, as well as a kids’ area.

The lounge houses a shop operated by Heinemann which offers a broad range of premium cosmetic products and accessories.

The cost of the VIP service:

20 000 руб.

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PMI Sky Bar located at the lounge serves exquisite dishes specially created by Ivan Berezutsky, a renowned master of the culinary arts, who has been recognized as St. Petersburg’s best young executive chef.

The VIP guests are transferred to the aircraft directly from the VIP lounge in Audi A8 L executive-class vehicles.

Passengers arriving in St. Petersburg will be met alongside the aircraft by a dedicated vehicle that will transport them to the airport’s VIP lounge. Their baggage will also be delivered to the lounge. Once the baggage is delivered and identified, the lounge team will accompany VIP-guests to their own vehicles.

Contact information for order taking and consultations on VIP-servicing

Main(+7 812) 324-34-46
Additional (+7 812) 324-36-44
Hot link (+7 812) 909-04-40
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