Getting to and from airportGetting to and from airport

Is it possible to rent a car at Pulkovo?

Yes. The airport has several companies renting cars. We advise you to book a car in advance.

Which hotels are near the airport?

List of hotels located near the airport is in the section Guide to St. Petersburg.

How can I get to (from) the airport by public transport and how much is a taxi?

You can get to the airport by bus or minibus from the metro station Moskovskaya, as well as by taxi. The Airport recommends to use Taxi Pulkovo.

Flight informationFlight information

Where can I find the flight schedule?

Schedule of all flights from Pulkovo Airport can be found on our website in the Flights by choosing the direction and the date (time) of departure.

If you cannot find the desired destination the list of destinations, then, today there is no approved direct flight from Pulkovo Airport in schedule.

What should I do if I cannot find the flight in the schedule?

This is possible if you do not travel on a scheduled flight.

Information about such flights may appear in the airport system and as such in the schedule several days before the flight (in some cases — one day before the departure).

If you are sure that the flight you are interested in exists (for example, you purchased a ticket for it) in order to receive the required information about the flight you need to contact the airline or the agency where the tickets were bought. Perhaps the flight is scheduled, but not yet confirmed, so there is no information about it in the airport schedule.

When will an additional or a new flight to the new destination that is not in the schedule at the moment appear?

All flights are declared and operated by the airlines so all questions about the plans for launching the additional and new flights to new destinations are outside the competence of the Airport Authority.

All the latest news of the airport including the information about launching of flights to new destinations is published on our website in the section News.

Air ticketsAir tickets

I lost my boarding pass, which I need for reporting purposes. How can I get the information about the flight?

You need to contact your airline with this question.

In accordance with the letter of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation of 21.09.2011 № 03-03-07/33, “if you lose your boarding pass the flight expenses can be confirmed by the certificate issued by the air carrier”.

What if in the air ticket there are errors in the first or the last name?

There is widespread belief that it is allowed to have up to three errors inclusive in the ticket. Often this is true. However, some airlines are strict with errors! Therefore, we recommend, if you find an error, you need as soon as possible to contact the airline or the agency where you bought your ticket and have it corrected.

What if the ticket is issued to the old name (passport)?

You need to contact the airline with this issue. Some airlines (again, some, but not all) allow to purchase a ticket using an international passport with the old name, and to fly with a new one. In such cases for check-in you need to take your marriage certificate, your new passport and the passport used for purchasing the ticket or your internal passport with a note on previously issued passport.

If you fly from abroad, then these documents must be translated into English and notarized.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are sold by the airlines, ticket offices and travel agencies.

You may also buy a ticket on the website of Pulkovo airport.

There are ticket offices at the airport including of some airlines, which also sell tickets.

You may find the contact info of airlines operated direct flights from St. Petersburg on the page “Destinations and airlines”.

Visas and entry (exit) procedureVisas and entry (exit) procedure

How can I find out about travelling abroad restrictions?

Restrictions to travel abroad may concern minors, debtors and others. Get familiarized with the most frequently asked questions about the procedure for entry and exit on the official website of the Border Service of the Russian Federation.

How shall I organize a flight of an unaccompanied child?

Parents of children aged 5 to 14 years old departing unaccompanied must contact the airline in advance to prepare all necessary documents for such trip. For more information, see “Unaccompanied Minors”.

What is the procedure for underage children flying without parents (e.g., travelling with a grandmother)?

You do not need to get a power of attorney from parents when travelling in the RF. When checking in a child for a flight and during the preflight inspection you must present the original of his/her birth certificate.

A notarized consent of one of the parents is required if an underage citizen of Russia leaves the Russian Federation without his/her parents (legal guardians), this document is examined by an officer of the RF Border Service.

Do I need to obtain the other parent’s consent for the minor child to travel abroad?

If a minor citizen of the Russian Federation leaves the Russian Federation together with one of the parents it is not required to get the second parent’s consent for a child leaving abroad. (Grounds — Art. 20 of the Federal Law, d.d. August 15, 1996 № 114 -FZ “On the Procedure for Exit from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation”). Learn more on the website of the Border Service of the Russian Federation.

However, in some cases, our border officers, as well as the embassies (or consulates) request the above document during procurement of a visa. In addition, it is possible that the parent traveling with the child will be requested to submit a notarized consent of the other parent, solely on the ground that in the state where you are going or where you are already (at the airport or train station) other laws are in force.

In this case, the decision must be taken by the parents, adoptive parents or guardians. We recommend you to be safe, and if possible get a notarized consent of the other parent.

Where can I get information about visas and other documents for entry into a foreign country?

You may get consultations on the documents required for entry into the country of destination in the consulate of this country or in the airline with which flight you will depart from St. Petersburg.


Can I check-in online?

Online check-in is provided on the website of your airline. You’ll find links to the websites of the airlines in “Online check-in”.

What time shall I arrive at the airport? When does check-in begin?

For more information, refer to Check-in and Time Requirements.

What document of identification must be presented at check-in?

When flying with the domestic airlines of the Russian Federation, a valid RF citizen passport or a document replacing it (military ID, etc) is accepted as an identity document of a passenger. To check-in for an international flight you need a valid international passport or other document specified in the booking and giving the right to cross the border of the Russian Federation.

At check-in and during the preflight inspection a passenger must present a document specified in the booking (the air ticket).


I’m pregnant and do not want to go through the metal detector or scanner, what shall I do?

Officially there is no document which would set special conditions for passing inspection for pregnant women exempting them from inspection by metal detectors.

There is radiation in the metal detector, but it is very low, its impact is considered to be safe for everyone, including pregnant women.

Scanners are used in addition to metal detectors at modern airports. The system “sees” through clothing, but not the skin, revealing hidden items. Although it is called the X-ray machine it is safe to pass through it. Even 200 backscatter detectors do not radiate an amount of radiation that could affect you. This radiation is comparable with the radiation, which you are exposed to during a three-hour flight.

If you still have doubts about safety of the equipment or you feel uncomfortable during scanning, you can always ask an airport agent to inspect you by hand.

How shall I pass the inspection and what documents do I needed if I have a heart pacemaker or other implant?

If you are worried, when entering the airport terminal and during the preflight inspection before passing through the metal detector advise the airport agent that you have a heart pacemaker or other implant. Have accompanying medical records with you (postsurgical extract or other medical certificate). You will be inspected by hand.

Transportation of hand baggage, hold baggage, pets and plantsTransportation of hand baggage, hold baggage, pets and plants

May I enter the airport with liquids and medications?

Yes, you may enter the airport. But all these things must be packed in a suitcase or a bag, which you will check-in later during check-in for the flight. But you are prohibited to carry any holding capacities (containers, tubes) with liquids including those containing less than 100 milliliters to the airside zone. Order with this requirement came into effect at airports in Russia on the 11th of January, 2014 and it is temporary.

And if medication or baby food is needed during the flight?

Medicines, special dietary needs, infant food, including breast milk are allowed to be carried in quantities necessary during the flight. Airport security agent will have to inspect the medicines to make sure that it is not an explosive mixture. Inspection is required in any case, even if the passenger has a doctor’s certificate. There is no need in a careful inspection if the goods are purchased in the departure zone of the terminal including the Duty free shops.

Information about the rules of the preflight inspection and the list of items permitted for carriage in the aircraft cabin and in the checked baggage, you can find in “Rules of inspection and control”.

List of prohibited items can be found on the website of the Federal Customs Service:

How much does it cost to carry excess baggage?

You need address this question to an airline operating the flight as the norms of free baggage and costs of the excess baggage are established by the airlines.

For more information, refer to Baggage Restrictions.

What is the procedure for transportation of animals and plants?

If you are transporting animals or plants, then first of all you need to agree on the terms with the airline. For more information, refer to Travelling with Pets.

Are people with diabetes allowed to take necessary medicines and syringes on board?

  • During the pre-flight inspection on the demand of the airport agent you will have to present a medical document (certificate, extract, recipe, etc.) confirming the need for administration of insulin.

  • It is recommended to take with you in your hand baggage only the amount of medication and syringes, which will be needed during the flight, put the rest into the hold baggage.

Passengers with disabilitiesPassengers with disabilities

What is the procedure for servicing passengers with disabilities?

When buying a ticket you have to inform the airline staff or agencies that you or the passenger accompanied by you requires special assistance. For more information, refer to Special Needs.

Photographing at the airportPhotographing at the airport

May I take pictures at the airport?

Amateur photo and video filming including shooting views from the terminal windows is permitted in the areas of free access (in public areas) of passenger terminals, waiting halls after passing the preflight inspection before boarding the aircraft. However, it is prohibited to make pictures of aircraft servicing activities, preflight inspection points, places of customs and border control, equipment and security systems without a special permit.

Lost and FoundLost and Found

What shall I do when arriving to Pulkovo I do not find my baggage?

In case your baggage does not arrive, you need to seek assistance in the Baggage Tracing Department located in the baggage claim terminal.

The claim concerning delay in baggage delivery shall be lodged with the airline because when the passenger buys a ticket he/she enters into the agreement on air transportation with the airline.

What shall I do if during transportation my things are missing from the bag?

If you have doubts, check you baggage upon arrival at the airport. In case you find that your things are missing from the baggage you need to go the Baggage Tracing Department located in the baggage claim hall.

Keep in mind that the entire responsibility for baggage transportation rests with the airline.

You may also lodge personally your application on the things missed from your baggage with the police department located at Pulkovo Airport at the following address: Pulkovo-2 Terminal, Central Building, Police Department; or by mail: LO MVD RF, 16, Shturmanskaya Str., St. Petersburg, 196210, Russia.

What shall I do if my baggage was damaged during transportation?

In case you find any damage caused to your baggage during transportation, you need to go to the Baggage Tracing Department. It is located in the baggage claim hall.

Please be aware that the entire responsibility for the safe carriage of baggage rests with the airline, i.e. all claims are lodged with the airlines.

Where shall I seek assistance if I lost my documents at the airport?

All documents found at the airport are brought to the Border Control Service or to the Police Department (RF MIA Police Department at Pulkovo Airport).

Police Department located at Pulkovo Airport: +7 (812)-704-27-32.

Border Control Service at the new Pulkovo Terminal: +7 (812)-704-34-17.

Where shall I seek assistance if I lost my belongings at the airport/on board the plane?

Things found at Pulkovo Airport are accepted for storage in the Lost&Found Service.

You may find out about your lost thing by phones +7 (812) 331-42-44 (from 09:00 to 20:00) or e-mail: lost1@pulkovo-airport.com.

Transfer passengers and baggageTransfer passengers and baggage

What is the transfer procedure at Pulkovo Airport?

The check-in procedure (servicing) for transfer passengers at Pulkovo airport depends on the way you will be checked-in at the departure station. For more information, refer to Transfer Passengers.

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