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We thank you for your feedback on the work of Pulkovo airport.

For urgent issues related to airport services, time of flight departure and arrival, please, contact airport call center at: +7-812-337-38-22, +7-812-337-34-44.

For issues related to the terms of passenger and baggage air transportation, please, contact the airline.

You can find certain information the FAQ section.

Please be advised, that the Pulkovo’s airport (Northern Capital Gateway) responsibility is limited to passenger transportation, in particular to providing services to the arriving & departing passengers and aircrafts.


Dear visitors!

Northern Capital Gateway does not deal with packages and cargo and does not provide information on immigration to and from the Russian Federation, visas, and customs processes.

Also, please note that any questions and claims regarding air tickets, lost or damaged baggage, flight delays you should send the providing airline.