Check-in Counters

Check-in is on the third floor of the Terminal. Find your check-in counter using the information screens near the entrance.

Check-in counters numbers for domestic flights:

  • 101...120,
  • 201...212,
  • 301...312.

Check-in counters numbers for international flights:

  • 213...224,
  • 313...324,
  • 401...420.

Save your time and check in using the self-service kiosks.

All international passengers have to pass through customs and border control.

Domestic and international departures

Before reaching the Customs counter please have your boarding pass, departure card and passport ready

If you have no goods to declare, you can go through the Green Channel.
If you have goods to declare, you should fill in the customs declaration form and go through the Red Channel.

To see what items must be declared see Customs control.