Rules for Filming on Airport Grounds

Rules for photographic, video, and cinematic filming on the grounds of Pulkovo Airport

In accordance with the established procedure for the organization of photographic, video, and cinematic filming on the grounds of Pulkovo Airport, the Airport authority is to process applications from individuals and legal entities making a decision on the possibility and feasibility of each filming.

Application Form for the right to conduct INFO filming at Pulkovo AirportPDF, 89.1 KB

Application Form for the right to conduct commercial filming at Pulkovo Airport

Pricelist for organizational services involving commercial filming

Non-commercial filming

Filming conducted for the purpose of notification of the public of important events happening in St. Petersburg, and (or) to report on Pulkovo Airport activity in the mass media, is considered non-commercial and is conducted with the participation and assistance of the Airport Press Center.

For detailed information on the right to conduct non-commercial photographic, video and cinematic filming, please call: +7 812 324-36-64.

Commercial filming

Filming conducted on Pulkovo Airport grounds in order to produce commercial photos, video materials and films, including documentary and feature films, TV programs and TV series, entertainment programs, music clips, and commercials, as well as photos to be used in magazines, or related purposes, are considered commercial.

For more information on the right to conduct commercial filming, please call: +7 812 324-37-11.

Procedure for submitting an application for the right to conduct filming

  1. An application is submitted in written form on official letterhead (for legal entities), and should be signed by a responsible executive from the respective legal entity.
  2. The following should be specified in the application:
    • filming objective, subject of the piece (script);
    • intended dates, time, and duration of shooting;
    • specific designation of the places and objects required for shooting;
    • film-crew list with passport details of each person listed (full name, passport number and series, issuing authority and date of issue, date and place of birth, and registered address);
    • list of filming equipment;
    • specification as to if the film-crew’s transport vehicles need to access the platforms and (or) ramp of the Pulkovo 1 Terminal — vehicle models and license plate numbers, along with the passport details of their owners;
    • contact details of the responsible person.

    An application form for the right to conduct INFO filming in nearby areas or in the departure (arrival) lounges of the terminals should be submitted at least 3 business days prior to filming.

    An application form for the right to conduct INFO filming at the airport, within the secure areas of the terminals or in the check-in area of Pulkovo 2 Terminal should be submitted at least 10 business days prior to filming.

    An application form for the right to conduct commercial filming should be submitted at least 7 business days prior to filming. Otherwise, Pulkovo Airport will be entitled to decline the application or postpone the shoot.

  3. An application from any foreign organization should be submitted together with copies of the respective reporters’ foreign media credentials (permanent accreditation) issued by the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, accompanied by Russian visa and migration card copies.