Public-Private Partnership Agreement (PPP Agreement)

The Public-Private Partnership Agreement is a contractual document which bestows the airport operator — Northern Capital Gateway Consortium — with the duty of organizing the management and development of Pulkovo Airport.

Pulkovo Airport is the only airport in Russia to be developed on the basis of a PPP.

The PPP Agreement:

  • became effective on April 29th, 2010;
  • has three parties/signatories — the St. Petersburg City Government, Pulkovo Airport Company (100% city ownership) and the Northern Capital Gateway Consortium (NCG);
  • remains in force until October 30th, 2039.

Summary of the PPP Agreement (in brief)1

The PPP Agreement provides for the construction of the following facilities by mid-2014 using NCG resources:

  • building of a new centralized passenger terminal (including the reconstruction of the Pulkovo 1 Terminal that will constitute a part of the centralized terminal);
  • aprons (both passenger and cargo);
  • fire stations;
  • energy (power) center;
  • hotel;
  • business center;
  • parking areas (garage and open-air);
  • hydrant system;
  • other airport infrastructure facilities.

The Agreement provides for the Airport’s compliance with international requirements in terms of comfort and safety (meeting an IATA “C” standard).

Upon completion of the first stage of the project in mid-2014, the NCG will continue developing the Airport in accordance with the requirements specified in the Agreement.

1 The PPP Agreement structure is actually much more complex.