Discounts for luggage wrapping users

Use the luggage wrapping service at the airport and receive discounts from our partners and for airport services!

Airport services

Partners: domestic departures
Discount 15%Discount 20%:
  • all coffee drinks;
  • all desserts.
Discount 15%

Partners: international departures

Discount 20%:
  • all coffee drinks;
  • all desserts.

Partners: landside (departures 3rd floor and arrivals 1st floor)

  • Drink 1 + 1
(the details specify at waiter)
  • Baking as a gift
when ordering a coffee drink

The location of the participating partners in the terminal can be found on the airport map.

To take advantage of the special offer should show a receipt confirming the provision of luggagewrapping service at the airport Pulkovo. The offer is valid on the day of receiving luggage (carry-on luggage) wrapping service.